Renee’s Garden Seeds

Oh what can I say about Renee’s Garden Seeds….
I love their Cosmos and Nasturtium Seeds….so many varieties to choose from…
I think I’ll let some pictures tell all about them…

If you want to see some results visit the B.S. Blog for the flowers grown from their seeds:

And they sure are nice folks too. They’ll help you with your order and even offer tips and advice on their site.

Cherish the Ladies

If you love toe-tapping great tunes then listen to Cherish the Ladies…music for every season!
The girls are great folks too, and so are the boys they let step (step-dancers) into their lives.
You can learn all about them on their site here:
These are just a few of my favorites. Ooh “Country Crossroads- The Nashville Sessions” features Vince Gill on a song too. “Ballad of The Foxhunter” on Threads of Time is fantastic! Listen for the hounds! And the girls truly bring out the Christmas Spirit on “A Star in the East” and “On Christmas Night”